CEO Message


"Our promise is to deliver true brand and ingredient choice, a promise we live by in all we do."

Your recipes are your pride - and they require exactly the brands and ingredients you want.

We understand. That's why for four generations Inter-County has made a deep and unwavering commitment to true choice, offering you a wider array of brands and ingredients, including those hard-to-find items that can make all the difference.

Our commitment to true choice requires us to take the extra time and make the extra financial investment necessary to develop and nurture more supplier relationships. It requires us to invest in and maintain advanced inventory and tracking systems that support HACCP compliance. It's why we've expanded into a new and even larger facility that is a state-of-the-art showcase for our industry. And it requires us to attract and motivate deeply committed people, from our expert sales representatives to our impassioned internal staff to the most efficient, courteous, professional drivers in the business.

It's all for you - so that you can continue to rely on us to have the brands and ingredients you want and need. In your quest for true choice, we hope you'll continue to choose Inter-County.

Ted Heim, Jr., CEO